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1.  Like buying a house through a Realtor, using a Mortgage Broker or an Account...the experience of a Professional is invaluable and can save you time, money, and disappointment.  Why spend hours online sorting through often misleading information when you can simply contact a local Travel Professional.  We have all of the resources to compare and coordinate everything for you often at the same rate or even less than online.  Travel Professionals receive special promotions and know which suppliers provide the best value for their client. 

   The best price is often not the best value! 

2.  Booking online often requires full payment, but a Travel Professional may only require a deposit with the balance due about 6-8 weeks prior! Online agencies often have inexperienced staff located in countries outside of Canada who do not understand many important logistics, and do not personally care about your travel experience.  Supporting local business is smart. 

   Travel Professionals rely on repeat business and referrals so your best interests are also theirs!

3.  If anything unexpected should arise we are easy to reach so you will not spend hours trying to resolve matters yourself and waiting on hold to speak with someone. 

   One call or email to your Travel Professional with direct contact and support from our suppliers' management means you will be looked after!

4.  A dedicated Travel Professional advises on important details and requirements, verifies all documentation is accurate, issues/explains Insurance and assists with claims.  

   Travel Professionals remove the complexity of booking and are here to help if anything unforeseen should happen. 

5.  Dealing with a well-traveled, dedicated, full-time Travel Professional with many years of experience offers nothing but benefits for any traveler.  

   I coordinate travel worldwide, provide and assist with insurance, arrange corporate travel, family, wedding and special interest groups, cruises, hotels, rail, car rentals, flights and advise on any visa requirements, confirm seating and look after special needs or requests.

I look forward to planning your arrangements...

Direct:  403 990 1777   Office:  403 547 8297