Luana Johnsgaard

 Certified Travel Counsellor

Luana_Feb 2019.jpg

Luana began her travel career in 1982...a young Saskatchewan farm girl with a passion for culture, history, food, wine, exotic surroundings (and shopping!) With eyes wide open at age 17, Spain was her first European trip! She has since been across the pond many times exploring Greece, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest and London to name a few. 

One of her favorite ways to explore the quaint European villages is on a River Cruise...most recently on the Danube! Cycling through vineyards and villages among historic castles along the river, tasting regional wines & cheeses, exploring local markets, enjoying a cappuccino & biscotti at charming outdoor cafes (and shopping!) 

Luana has also traveled or cruised to many Caribbean islands, Hawaii, Costa Rica and throughout Mexico and the USA. Whether a private villa, all inclusive resort or tailor-made itinerary is what you're seeking, she knows what to look for. She has been to most of the Sandals and AM Resorts and is very knowledgeable on most properties as she keeps up to date with regular training, webinars and property inspections. Luana also maintains close connections with many of our trusted suppliers. 

Luana has also experienced an African Safari in Kenya, and plans to explore Vietnam and return to Bali and Thailand in the near future (and will likely do some shopping!)

She arranges many wedding and family groups, romantic honeymoons, wellness and adventure travel! If you're looking for a more authentic experience, adventure, hiking, cycling or to indulge in luxury she has some unique ideas to create your dream vacation! 

Luana encourages clients to research online, but to let an experienced Travel Professional confirm all of the arrangements so you're protected! She is also very knowledgeable on the many differences in Insurance coverage which is so important. Her dedication and attention to detail not only saves your time, but she is easy to reach and has the resources and contacts for extra support. Luana researches and proposes the best options as though she is planning her own vacation, though the choice is always left to her clients. The value and service Luana provides rewards her with loyal, repeat clients and their referrals which she values greatly.

 Contact Luana today at:    Mobile:  403 990 1777    Email:  luana@traveltime.ca  


5 Reasons Why to Deal with a Professional Travel Consultant

Like buying a house through a Realtor, or using a Mortgage Broker ... a Travel Consultants experience is invaluable and can save you money, disappointment and time. Why spend hours online comparing details and sorting through misleading information when you can make one call to a professional travel consultant who has all of the resources to coordinate everything you want often at the same rate or even better than online.  

The best price is often not the best value! 

Booking online requires full payment, but a travel consultant usually only requires a deposit with the balance due usually 6-8 weeks prior! Also...online Agencies often have inexperienced staff, located in countries outside of Canada who do not understand many important logistics, and do not personally care about your travel experience. 

Travel consultants rely on repeat business and referrals so your best interests are theirs too!

If anything unexpected should arise you will not spend hours trying to resolve matters yourself, waiting on queue's or on hold to speak with someone online.  

One call to your Travel Consultant with direct contact to supplier representatives and / or management means that you will be looked after with less stress and usually faster!

A dedicated Travel Consultant knows and can advise on many important travel requirements and documentation.  They also receive information on special promotions and knows which suppliers offer the best value for their clients.  

Travel Consultants can save you the pain of being denied entry because you don't have the correct documentation or visas.     

Dealing with a professional, well-traveled, full-time travel consultant with over 30 years experience offers nothing but benefits for any traveler.  

I coordinate travel from and to anywhere, provide and assist with insurance, arrange corporate travel, family, wedding and special interest groups, cruises, hotels, rail, car rentals, flights, assist with travel visas, seating, special needs and requests!