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Brenda Enax - Certified Travel Counsellor

I have always loved to parents embedded the bug in us when my brother and I were quite young, taking us to many places while growing up to see some of the world. After marrying my husband and having two children of my own, our love showing the world to our children. 

As my husband works in the oil and gas field, we do not see alot of him in the winter, so during the summer school break, we take time off from work to re-group as a family. This is when most of our adventures take place.  Although we love the "fly in" vacations....our favorite is hooking onto the Fith-Wheel, getting in and going.  During the summer of 2014, we spent 6 weeks driving and having fun through 9 different states, from Montana south to Nevada, over to California and then up the coastal highway back to BC.

My bucket list is pretty short for now.... I would like to travel to Japan, Philippines, Fiji, Cook Islands and Maldives.....but I am sure as time goes on....the list will lengthen. I have a Diploma in Travel & Tourism and can help get you to SUN destinations, on a cruise or can custom create the vacation of your dreams.  

Call me and let me help!    Fort Nelson Office:  250 774 6144   Email: