A Few Personal Rules for the Best Cappuccino


When I arrive in Italy, no matter what city or airport, I like to enjoy a traditional cappuccino with one of its best companions: cornetto, sfogliatella or frolla. Flights from North America always arrive in Italy in the morning, so it is the perfect time.

My personal few rules for the best cappuccino:
-- SMALL. Don't ask for small, medium or large, because traditional cappuccino is one size. Compared with what we are used to now in NorthAmerica, you will probably call it a "mini cappuccino", because it is served in a small cup, one size up from the espresso cup. See photo. But I assure you the flavour is what counts, not quantity.

-- MILD in temperature. If you are served a hot boiling cappuccino you are not sipping a traditional cappuccino. Heat changes the flavour. Besides....you cannot drink it...too hot...you have to wait...why do I have to wait? Why do I want to suffer? 

-- with a CAP. The word cappuccino means "little hood". The top of your cappuccino has to have a round shape. 

-- DENSE and ANTI-DIET. The milk used is the 3.25%. No more. No cream, otherwise you have a total different flavour.

-- Lastly and most important: ONLY IN THE MORNING! Cappuccino for Italians is a breakfast thing. If you want to "blend in" with the locals, order cappuccino until 11, then for the rest of the day, especially after a meal, switch to espresso. If you really find espresso too strong, go for an espresso MACCHIATO (literally "stained"), which is served in the same little espresso cup but with a touch of milk foam for a beautiful 'mini-mini-cappuccino' experience.

Buon viaggio a tutti!

-- Antonio, President - Savour Italy