A Few Personal Rules for the Best Cappuccino


When I arrive in Italy, no matter what city or airport, I like to enjoy a traditional cappuccino with one of its best companions: cornetto, sfogliatella or frolla. Flights from North America always arrive in Italy in the morning, so it is the perfect time.

My personal few rules for the best cappuccino:
-- SMALL. Don't ask for small, medium or large, because traditional cappuccino is one size. Compared with what we are used to now in NorthAmerica, you will probably call it a "mini cappuccino", because it is served in a small cup, one size up from the espresso cup. See photo. But I assure you the flavour is what counts, not quantity.

-- MILD in temperature. If you are served a hot boiling cappuccino you are not sipping a traditional cappuccino. Heat changes the flavour. Besides....you cannot drink it...too hot...you have to wait...why do I have to wait? Why do I want to suffer? 

-- with a CAP. The word cappuccino means "little hood". The top of your cappuccino has to have a round shape. 

-- DENSE and ANTI-DIET. The milk used is the 3.25%. No more. No cream, otherwise you have a total different flavour.

-- Lastly and most important: ONLY IN THE MORNING! Cappuccino for Italians is a breakfast thing. If you want to "blend in" with the locals, order cappuccino until 11, then for the rest of the day, especially after a meal, switch to espresso. If you really find espresso too strong, go for an espresso MACCHIATO (literally "stained"), which is served in the same little espresso cup but with a touch of milk foam for a beautiful 'mini-mini-cappuccino' experience.

Buon viaggio a tutti!

-- Antonio, President - Savour Italy

Ready, Set, Sail ... then Cook & Eat!

Already known for incredible restaurants and a variety of cuisines, many of today’s Cruise Lines are taking their culinary offerings to the next level. Working with some of the world’s top chefs, these Cruise Lines are now offering on-board programs that will impress and satisfy food lovers with even the pickiest palate.

Regent Seven Seas Cruises
An “all-inclusive” luxury line, Regent will elevate cuisine to an art form with the introduction of their Culinary Arts Kitchen on-board the Seven Seas Explorer. This ship will have a dedicated room for cooking classes on Deck 11, with floor-to-ceiling windows providing ocean vista views that will perfectly complement the epicurean delights being prepared. Instructors will offer highly-individualized, hands-on-training to guests at eighteen individual cooking stations, and will feature more than a dozen classes per sailing with topics such as: healthy cooking, fish and shellfish preparation, food and wine pairings for entertaining, and high-heat grilling. The Regent Culinary Arts Kitchen will debut on the Seven Seas Explorer, which sets sail during the summer of 2016.

Regent Explorer - Culinary Kitchen         Oceania - Cooking Stations

Regent Explorer - Culinary Kitchen         Oceania - Cooking Stations

Oceania Cruises
Oceania touts itself as the ultimate foodie experience at sea with Master Chef Jacques Pepin, Executive Culinary Director at the helm. Oceania is currently the only cruise line with a hands-on culinary centre equipped with individual induction cook-top work stations for those wanting to master their culinary skills. It’s the ultimate way to learn and truly absorb every step of each recipe, especially since at select ports you may accompany the instructor chefs while shopping for fresh ingredients ashore at local markets. Twenty new classes have been added to their program, including a special two-day culinary immersion program with session focused on the legacy of Chef Pepin and cooking styles from a variety of international destinations. These new programs will showcase regional cuisine from Morocco, Peru, the Pacific Northwest and more.

                           Celebrity Cruises - Top Chef At Sea

                           Celebrity Cruises - Top Chef At Sea

Celebrity Cruises
Celebrity Cruises is bringing the excitement of TV on board their ships as they partner with Bravo and its Emmy award-winning television show “Top Chef”. Guests can be part of the “Top Chef at Sea” experience on most sailings. Celebrity Cruises offers guest the opportunity to be part of an interactive Quickfire Challenge where guests compete against each other in a variety of culinary challenges, including cooking an entrée alongside the ship’s chefs. Guests can also enjoy popular dishes from the show during Top Chef Night in the main restaurant.

                     Holland America Line - Culinary Experiences

                     Holland America Line - Culinary Experiences

Holland America Line
A pioneer of the culinary experience at sea, Holland America Line has partnered with Food & Wine Magazine to deliver an onboard program that offers guests the opportunity to learn from some of the most respected culinary figures in the business. Their Culinary Arts Centers resemble the elaborate show kitchens used by celebrity chefs on televi-sion cooking programs and are used for cooking shows, wine tastings, hands-on cooking classes and mixology presentations.
Others looking for a more immersive culinary cruise experience can book one of Holland America Line’s “Sip, Savor and Sail” tours. These cruises will include cookery lessons from guest chefs, tastings with local vintners and workshops from cocktail mixologists and brewmasters. Special menus and foodie excursions will also be included. The “Sip, Savor and Sail” tours are currently available on select Carib-bean, Spain / Portugal and Alaska cruises.

Whether you’re looking to simply enjoy great food from around the world or get your hands a little messy cooking alongside top chefs, these culinary cruise programs are some of the best and will provide something to whet the appetite of any food and wine lover!