Travelling Solo with Kids - by J Pearson

Jason Pearson recently travelled with his two young sons, Sullivan, 11, and Max, 8, around the world in 341 days. Their adventure was, in part, a tribute to the boys’ mom, Jane, who died of cancer when Sullivan was four, and Max an infant. Jane had always dreamed of travelling the world with her boys, just as her family had done when she was 10 years old. In this story, Jason, Max and Sully cruise the Caribbean with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Travelling with kids, as an only parent, is rewarding. I get to see them 100 per cent of the time in all their glory, watching through their eyes as they discover things for the first time. The excitement, energy and curiosity in which they participate and explore is like nothing else. I’m able to experience what they experience and make the final call on what activities we do. But travelling solo with kids can also be difficult, frustrating and tiring. When I’m completely exhausted and just can’t deal with one more, “Daddy, can I…?” there is no one else to tag in or help.

Norwegian Cruise Line does a superb job of anticipating this. They cater to kids in a way that makes it feel like the vacation is just for them and they’re in control. Sully and Max are able to enjoy all their favourite foods (for Max this means unlimited ice cream cones/ floats), as well as select show performances and excursions that they are drawn to.

Norwegian Getaway’s kids’ club programs are the cherry on top. At night, the boys plan the next day around what activities they want to attend. And I am able to enjoy some much needed solo time, without having to worry about where they are or what trouble they are getting into.