10 Amazing Reasons for You to take a Luxury Kenya Safari in 2015

1 - Variety


Kenya is known for having the largest variety of landscapes and habitats in Africa. You will travel from one area to the next and it will feel as if you have been crossing various countries. You will be able to experience thick bush, desert, rivers, lush savannahs, and lakes. This is why Kenya's Twin Center luxury safaris are so popular, your whole being will feel alive with each new area you visit.

 2 - Internal Travel

Kenyans have been using light aircraft flights just like buses, and this works in everyone's favor as it will make your luxury safari completely seamless. There will always be a flight to get you from point A to point B thanks to the frequencies of the flights that are actually more economical than driving.

3 - Wildlife

The extraordinary wildlife in Kenya is the most majestic thing you will ever see, and that is a year round pleasure. In specific areas, you will be able to see big cats in every corner, and have close experiences with leopards, as well as see young elephants splashing and playing in a river. The wildlife lover in you will find that a luxury safari in Kenya will fill every fantasy that you ever had about being close to the animals of Africa.

4 - Birds

The birds of Kenya are a marvelous sight. There are various types from brightly colored small birds to the large birds of prey that are literally awe inspiring to witness in flight. Being able to watch how the birds help the native ecosystem is entirely engrossing. When you are diving deep into the bush for birds, you will certainly notice the flick of a colorful tail that will catch your eye, and you will know that you have found something very different from what you were looking for.

5 - Culture and People

Kenya is a rare place where the tribes of women and men are living as authentically as they have for hundreds of years. This means that you are able to experience a very natural and authentic cultural world. The Masai and Samburu tribe all have a great sense of humor and will often guide you on your safari, their eyesight is known to be the best in Kenya, and their passion for the bush and sense of fun is very infectious.

6 - Camps and Lodges

Kenya is able to boast that they have the best luxurious lodges and camps. When it comes to style, your safari will be the most amazing with unique and comfortable lodges. There are quirky deigns, and some that contain all the romance of the first explorers that had discovered Kenya, and some that are located in areas that are absolutely breathtaking. This is one of the main reasons that Kenyan camps have plenty of repeat safariers.

7 - Price

Even though Kenya has been dealing with terrorist threats and election issues, as it's returning to a calm and peaceful state, the lodges and camps are beginning to push for all the guests to experience the majesty of a luxury Kenya safari. This means one thing, special offers, and it also means that you will be getting a better value for your luxury safari. As the GBP/USD rates rise, all of the discounts are welcomed in Kenya.

8 - Wildebeest Migration

Each year from June to October, the Wildebeest Migration floods the Masai Mara area in Kenya. Even though it isn't in agreement with the most popular opinion, you can stay in conservancies just on the edge of the Mara and enjoy the migration without any of the people.

9 - Private Conservancies

Kenya has some of the most varied and beautiful private conservancies in the whole world. These are leased from the local community for tourism, and this means they not only benefit the locals, but it conserves a large amount of land that has unique wildlife on it. This is a huge benefit, because as a consumer, there are only one to two luxury camps located in the conservancy, so there aren't a lot of people. You will be able to ride, walk, and even take game and night drives.

10 - Coast

The coast along Kenya is the most magical area. In the south, you have the turquoise waters and white sand that splash against the Msambweni or Diani beach. Travel north and you will have the wonderful Lamu Island, which is a sanctuary for most. There are no cars, just donkeys, dhows, and the unique Swahili architecture. This is where those nifty internal flights come in handy, they service these areas as well as fly directly to, and from safari locations, so traveling is made easy for you.