We arrived home safe & sound @ 0300 this AM.  It was a wonderful holiday! The Grand Palladium White Sand was perfect!!  The entire resort was great, but it was nice having access to "all" the facilities & dining areas (a perk for staying at the White Sand)!

The bus ride that we were concerned about was a lot of fun!!!  Juan (guide) & Carlos (driver) were hilarious!! Of course they had "cool ones" for a reasonable fee & we all arrived with a giggle on! Ha! 

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We were also lucky that a lot of guests were headed to the White Sand so we didn't have to stop anywhere else!!  The check in was expedited by the White Sand reception staff & we were in our room in no time!

You should feel real confident recommending this place to your clients!  The accommodations are very nice & the entire resort is always spotless & have a very friendly & efficient staff. Not to mention, it is BEAUTIFUL there!  A lot of the popular tours are close by as well.  The a la carte restaurants are very nice & most of them are VERY good.  Smorgs are nice too & food plentiful of course.

Beach is nice & most of it sandy, but there are lots of pools & the 2 major pools are beautiful.

Good pick Lorilee!!  If you ever need help testing one of these places out, I'm sure our arms could be twisted! Ha! Ha!  Thanks again for all your help,

(Sad to be back) The Lalondes

PS: We did happen to find out that most of the staff make only $5.00 American a day!  I hope most people make it a habit to tip "cause they work very hard & deserve whatever extras they get. They are also very appreciative & the service gets even better...