We had a WONDERFUL trip.  The flight from Edmonton to Toronto to Amsterdam was excellent (both ways). 

Globus tour director (Paul) met us at the airport and from then on, the holiday began to shape into a terrific experience.  Each day had some something special to it.  Globus offered 11 additional tours extending our experience.  Glenn and I took five of those extended tours and were impressed with all of them.  Of course, the reason for this particular trip, the Passion Play, was breathtaking ... a once in a lifetime experience.  We had seats in the second row from the front and right in the middle. 

The breakfasts were great, some had greater selection than others, but more than what we have experienced in North America.  Rooms were excellent, some a bit small, but always neat, tidy, close to the activities, most were air conditioned well, and service was great.   The dinners included in the package were tremendous.  We had one salmon supper that was heavenly.   I thought I should express how pleased Glenn and I had been with the supper the night before.  So I went up to the lady at the front desk as I figured she spoke English.  

So I asked her if she did.  She said yes.  So not thinking, I told her that last night's supper was to "die" for.  Her eyes grew wide, her expression got scared.  So I thought to myself, what did I say?  Then I figured out, that she probably didn't get what I said.  So I explained that last night's supper was excellent. That my husband and I really enjoyed it.  So then she relaxed, laughed, and said she had never heard that expression before and she was going to share it with her co-workers.

The scenery was awesome and the activities well planned and worth while.  I could go on and on, but I think you have gathered that Glenn and I were treated royally.  Thank you, Lana, for doing the legwork for the flights and Globus tour. 

We had a great time.  

Paulette & Glen Moir