Hello from Shanghai!

We wanted to let you know that the hotels we were booked at were beautiful.  Stirling and I have stayed in some nice accommodations through the years but feel that overall, the Shangrai-La in Shanghai probably tops our list.  The bathroom was unreal for features. It even had a TV in the mirror over the sink!  It was probably way more than we needed but we still enjoyed it.

The Vietnam/Cambodia leg of the trip was the highlight for us.  There were only 52 people on the boat which made everything very personal and only two groups to deal with for excursions so we knew everyone.  We recommend that one highly!  One guide was born and raised in Saigon and the other born and raised in Hanoi so we got a pretty complete picture of the war, etc etc. 

We very much enjoyed the highlights from China - Tiananmen Square, the TerraCotta Soldier exhibit, dam projects and gorges on the Yangtze River.  Our boat held about 200 so it was a totally different experience but we had a great group.  I hadn't thought about it prior, but we basically never saw the sun for two weeks due to the smog and humidity - the odd blurp of blue!  Anyone with breathing problems would really struggle in Beijing but got a little better in Xi'an and better again in Shanghai.  Thanks for your assistance!