I thought I would go through the trip in point form.  


  • Our transfer was such a nice man, and I would highly recommend his company again.
  • We checked into Le Burgundy, and of course it is beautiful! It's in a great spot, easy access to everything. The staff was nice, I can't comment on the meals except for our breakfasts which were excellent 
  • We walked for hours and really enjoyed ourselves for the four days we had in Paris.


  • Our transfer to Orly to fly to Nice was again a wonderful fellow who happened to be a twin to the first one who picked us up.
  • La Perouse was amazing, and ended up being one of our favourite hotels. I think we felt the most comfortable at this hotel..and the prices at the restaurant were fair and the food was great. Our room was just spectacular!! What a wonderful surprise when we stepped into it and saw the terrace and the view! The staff was great, and we would have been happy to spend another couples days there.
  • We explored the old town of Nice and also took the bus to Eze for a day.


  • We loved our train ride to Dijon, would love to do more of that type of travelling when we have more time.
  • Dijon was interesting, a lot roads in the main square of the old town are all torn up so it wasn't very pretty. We were told the construction has been going on for four years! Also, we landed there on one of their holidays so the stores were closed on the day we wanted to shop.
  • However, we had a wonderful day on our wine tour and our guide even picked us up a bit early to make sure we had the full experience. He is well know in the Dijon area and the desk clerk at the hotel raved about what an amazing fellow he is, so we felt very lucky to have spent the day with him.
  • The Sofitel was a nice hotel, although I wouldn't class it as 5 star...especially when compared to Le Burgundy and La Perouse, it's not even close. But we were comfortable and happy and in a great location for exploring the city on foot..not to mention being so close to the train station.

 Croatia - Zagreb

  • Ok...Croatia is just amazing!! Beautiful country, friendly people, I can't say enough about it. The sunsets are beautiful as you will see from one of the pictures I sent. The cost of food is very reasonable, although it isn't as good as France as far as taste.
  • Our transfer from the airport to the Regent was great, again a nice friendly fellow. The Regent was absolutely stunning! You can just feel the history and the care put into the hotel is obvious, there isn't a thing out of place. I guess the only bad thing was that Rob and I felt a bit out of place. The guests there were very upper class, and all the gentlemen were dressed in suits..even for breakfast. One older gentleman had on a suit and bow tie, he looked very handsome :-) We only had breakfast in the restaurant and again went out in the city for our other meals.
  • Our guide in Zagreb was fantastic, he was one of our best on the trip.
  • Zagreb was actually a nice was interesting, easy to find our way around the old city, and lots to see and do.

 Plitvice National Park


  • Zadar was an interesting experience, the Bastion was one of the "quirkiest" hotels I've ever been in. I cannot describe the decorating...if you go on trip advisor some described it as tacky, but Rob and I thought it was fun. It stood out in our minds as having the most friendly, welcoming staff of all the hotels we stayed in. A lot of the staff were younger and a lot of fun to talk to.
  • Our guide in Zadar was ok. She was nice, but I think it may have been nicer to have the day to ourselves to explore with maybe some suggestions from Calvodos on what to see.
  • We also went to Pag Island that day but most of it was closed, I guess we were a bit early in the season.  If we would have known we would have passed on the drive and spent more time in Zadar.


  • Our favourite stop in Croatia...breathtaking, beautiful..and the hotel was just amazing! It was classy as well but Rob and I felt a bit more comfortable here than Le Burgundy and The Regent. People were a bit more laid back and the dress was not as formal. The staff at this hotel were so friendly and the waiters in the restaurant were our favourites on the trip. The view and location of this hotel was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen.
  • Our guide here was our other favourite. She had ten years experience and we got along great for the two days of touring we had together. She spoke very highly of Calvodos tours and said they had a good reputation in Croatia.

 Final notesI want to mention that the entire trip was amazing. Of course we enjoyed some places/hotels more than others, but we had a fantastic time at each city with all of our guides. Hopeful these notes will help if you have any other clients doing a similar trip. We had a lot of plane rides (ten), train rides, car & metro rides on this trip. I guess the only thing I would change would be to slow it down a bit..maybe cut out one city and add nights to the others to have a bit more down time. We were very busy our last two days in Croatia and it would have been nice to have a down day at the Monte Mulini before heading home. The only other thing we would change would be a couple hotels where we didn't feel as comfortable. We have no regrets about staying at them as it was a wonderful experience, but if we returned we would look for hotels similar to La Perouse in terms of atmosphere.  Thank you for helping us to plan a trip of a lifetime, we will never forget it :-) 

Lisa Johnston