Many thanks to you and Terri Jo for arranging such a wonderful trip for us! It was amazing!!  My daughters just loved it. 

Copenhagen is such a clean friendly city,where everything is so accessible in the downtown core. Shopping there is great too. The girls did a boat tour that they really enjoyed and saw the Little Mermaid, etc.

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Your choice of hotels in Sweden was excellent - especially the Park Inn in Uppsala. The room was so large for a European hotel, and the breakfasts were wonderful. Uppsala is so pretty - it's only 1 hour north of Stockholm and feels like the country. It has a 500 year old University and a church where the Kings of Sweden are buried as well as Viking musem with their burial mounds. Stockholm was very busy the weekend we were there as there was not only the Bruce Springsteen concert but also a big soccer game between Denmark and Sweden. We enjoyed Gammla Stan the old town, and visited the Vasa Museum. It was too cool for a boat ride. But we did do the Hop on Hop off bus which is an excellent idea for seeing the sights. 
In Barcelona, they have a similar bus, and we exchanged the Barcelona card for the tour bus. It's a better idea because not only do you get transportation, but they also give you vouchers for discounts on Museum entrance fees. We used public transport everywhere in Denmark, Sweden and Spain, except for the last morning in Barcelona when our bags were too heavy (largely due to the beautiful ceramic tiles I bought in Granada.) We had superb weather in Barcelona and Granada (38C.) in Granada. Montserrat, the flamenco, and Granada were outstanding, but exceptional was Granada and the Alhambra. Your choice of hotel in Granada was the best of the trip (Hotel Navas). They had a wonderful buffet lunch to boot - paella and other Spanish delicacies. 
Unfortunately, the accommodation in Barcelona was in an exceptionally noisy and sketchy area - the apartments had been renovated, but were in a very seedy area, so we asked the Hotel Lloret to switch us to the hotel itself which they did. We met some Americans from Chicago who had the same experience with the apartments. Just one other slight problem - the time between flights between Barcelona and Frankfurt and the flight home was limited. We had to run to make the flight because Lufthansa was late in getting us off the ground in Barcelona. Kristina found the same going out - she had to run to catch her flight from Frankfurt to Copenhagen. Out of the 15 Air Canada passengers, she was the only 1 who made it onto that flight to Copenhagen! 
Barcelona was interesting with all the Museums, and architecture and Modernistic culture, but we preferred small town Spain. Granada was beautiful - they had a festival called Corpus Cristi with a parade when we arrived . There were orange trees everywhere, and fountains all over and beautiful gardens. I'm definitely going back there!
Thank you so much for all your help in making this an exceptional trip! We will definitely be calling you for our next one.
Linda Jackson