The Importance of Travel Insurance

I learned first hand, the importance of Travel Insurance.

My friends Sandi and Tom were going to accompany me on a trip to Botswana.  Everything was paid for, our bags were almost packed and we were in 100% cancellation penalty.  Sandi started to have pains in her abdomen and was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery, less than three weeks before we were supposed to leave Canada!

Had we not all had Travel Insurance, we would have had to forfeit the money we paid for the trip. Sandi and Tom are covered in case of cancellation due to medical reasons and because we were all travelling together and have the same insurance, I am covered as well.  

Thankfully Sandi is on the mend and we are in the process of re-booking the trip to Botswana for November of this year.  So when you book your next trip consider also purchasing Travel Insurance.  I wouldn't leave home without it AND my Nikon!  (I purchase my insurance from

In the mean time, I will be going to Utah in April to photograph the stunning landscapes in Monument Valley, Arches National Park, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, etc, etc.  I'm very excited about this trip, as I've never been anyplace with these kinds of Landscapes.  My travelling companion has set out a very busy itinerary, I'm expecting to come home with thousands of new photos!

- Anita Erdmann